How We're Different

I didn't want to get into gear sales.  When I started Learn Stage, I had one goal- to help ordinary people create extraordinary lighting.  And for the first 6 or 7 years of Learn Stage Lighting, that meant I needed to stay away from selling equipment, because of the "Dealer's Curse".  What do I mean?

The Dealer's Curse is a problem I see far too often in the world of stage lighting and AV.  It goes like this - you, the person who wants to purchase gear goes to the first dealer you know, or someone you look up, or are referred to.  You ask that dealer "What light should I buy for (insert need here)".  The dealer, if they are like many dealers, can't get every brand, or at least has 1 brand that will make them more money.  Because that's the brand they can get, they advise a product from that brand - whether it's the best for you or not.

And that is the problem I seek to fix. By obtaining dealer pricing for all of the major brands out there, we look at every gear need as a blank slate. 

Our job is to connect you with the right gear to get your job done within your budget.  Our pricing model is the same for every brand - we don't favor one brand based on the potential earnings from that brand vs another. 

We connect great people with the right gear for their needs, not our pockets.  Instead of squeezing out every penny from a sale, we offer the best solution to you to earn your trust and your future business.

It's about providing the right lights for your needs.  We understand that everyone's situation is different.  One person will need the pro-grade solution, and the next a cheaper, entry-level solution.  Both get equal attention and care.

This is also why we only offer pricing by quote.  We want to take the time to evaluate your needs and provide a personalized price.  Because of this, we don't except returns outside of warranty issues.  If you have any questions about a product that aren't covered on it's page, feel free to ask!  

I hope this short article has helped you to see my heart for GEAR, and show you how we seek to be different in a world of larger retailers.  

-David Henry

Learn Stage Lighting Founder

David Henry, Learn Stage Lighting Founder