"No Sales Ever" Guarantee

Do you know what drives us crazy?  Any time we buy something online or in person, and then the next week, it's on sale and we feel like we overpaid!

That's why, here at Learn Stage Lighting GEAR / Above AVL, we have our "No Sales Ever" Guarantee.  It's designed to protect you and give YOU the best experience possible.

What does "No Sales Ever" mean?  

No guarantee is complete without some fine print!  The vision behind our "No Sales Ever" Guarantee is that we NEVER want you to be blindsided by a lower price from a sale. 

That's why our pricing is simple - you can request a quote on ANYTHING in our store from the cart, and we'll quote out our best and most personalized pricing for you.  We don't do sales except on B-Stock items, or when manufacturers give us a sale price on our cost.  Outside of that, we have pricing contracts that sync's our public-facing prices on the site, but you can ALWAYS request a quote via our cart or via email!

And for you, that means you have 100% certainty that we're not going to spring a sale on you or use any other cheesy tactics to make a quick sale.  Because we want to serve you and your AVL needs both today and for the next few decades, if not longer!

What About Presales?

If you're here from our Christmas side at Learn Christmas Lighting, you may be familiar with the "presales" that other vendors run.  Just like actual sales, we don't do presales unless we're launching a new product and testing demand.  It's our way to be fair and get you your stuff as fast as possible!