Purchase Orders

At Learn Stage Lighting GEAR (by "Above AVL LLC"), we are able to accept purchase orders from educational institutions.  In order to make this happen, we do need a few pieces of information:

1. A valid PO with: PO number, itemized order, correct total (including cost of shipping), approval signature, correct billing and shipping info, and contact phone number must be supplied. This can be emailed, faxed or “snail” mailed.

2. Valid contact information including: phone number of the purchaser as well as an email address of the person responsible for paying invoices.

3. Our terms are Net 15.  The term must be specified in writing, on your purchase order.  Payment may be made by ACH, Wire, or Check,

4. If you do not pay within the PO term (Net 15), you will be responsible for interest charges. Payments not received by the due date will be considered past due. If any payment is not paid when due a late charge shall accrue equal to 7% (or the maximum legal rate, if less) of the unpaid balance per month

If you require a invoice to build your purchase order, reach out via email to gear@learnstagelighting.com and we can make that for you.

Your order cannot be processed or shipped until we have the actual signed PO.


Purchase orders can be emailed to gear@learnstagelighting.com