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Ayrton MagicPanel FX

Ayrton MagicPanel FX


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MAGICPANEL FX is the exciting new multi-function, multi-use luminaire descended from the renowned MAGICPANEL R. With a revolutionary new optical zoom system that has no visible moving parts and a stationary transmitting lens, this proprietary system has a 15:1 zoom ratio with a range of 3.6° to 53°.

The front face of MAGICPANEL FX is comprised of a 5 x 5 array of squared lenses with perfectly isolated emitters – which offer exciting new possibilities for creating 2D graphical effects. Each of the 25 squared 65 mm output lenses have an optical surface equivalent to that of an 80 mm round lens, combined with an ultra-powerful, low-etendue, LED emitter. MAGICPANEL FX produces an extremely powerful beam capable of creating extraordinarily new 3D volumetric effects.

From the GEAR Pro's:

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  • Light Source: 25 x 1,000 lumens RGBW High-Power LED source
  • CRI: reaching high CRI
  • Beam Angle:  3.6° to 53°
  • Dimming: Electronic dimmer, 0-100%
  • Refresh Rate:
  • Strobe: 1-25 fps
  • Color: 4 colors RGBW mixed
  • Effects: 2D & 3D graphical effects capabilities; Effects can be coupled with beam, wash or matrix applications; Built-in pattern effects with speed and fade controls for scenic applications
  • Control Protocol: DMX 512 protocol; DMX-RDM compatible
  • Operating Modes: Choice of 3 DMX modes (from 19 to 118 DMX channels)
  • IP Grade: IP-20

Tech Specs


Minimum Beam Angle: 3.6°

Maximum Beam Angle: 53.0°


DMX Channel Modes: Choice of 3 DMX modes (from 19 to 118 DMX channels)

DMX 3-Pin Connectors?: No

DMX 5-Pin Connectors?: Yes


Length: 486 mm

Width: 307 mm

Height: 641 mm

Weight: 28.7 kg


Voltage Range: 100-240V

Maximum Wattage: 1000Ww

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