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Learn Stage Lighting GEAR

Basic Band Lighting Package


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The Basic Band Lighting Package from Learn Stage Lighting GEAR gives you the basics to make a really awesome light show for your band.  It includes:

We recommend ENTTEC's EMU software entry-level band lighting.  ENTTEC used to have a software called DMXis that was very similar, but that is now discontinued.  EMU is improved already, and early in 2022 it will be fully released.

Today, you will be able to use the included ENTTEC DMX-USB Pro with EMU, and when the EMU pricing is released you will be able to pay a subscription cost for the software.  Through Learn Stage Lighting, you may also trade-up your DMX-USB Pro for the full EMU interface when it is released.  The full interface will unlock the software without a subscription cost, and if you bought your DMX-USB interface through us, you'll be able to send it back for a full-price credit of $162 towards the purchase of the EMU interface. 

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