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ENTTEC EMU Upgrade Program

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ENTTEC EMU is the new replacement for their DMXis software.  Because the official EMU box isn't available yet, we're offering a trade-up program. 

Why?  While you can use other DMX interfaces with EMU, when the EMU box is released there will be (2) pricing options.  If you have the official EMU box, it will be a one-time payment for the box.  If you don't use the official EMU box, it will be a monthly subscription payment.

Here's how it works: Today, you purchase an ENTTEC DMX-USB Pro at the regular price.

When the EMU box is available, we'll get them and give you a FULL credit of $162 towards the purchase of the EMU box at regular price when you send your DMX-USB Pro back to us.

More info here:

From the Manufacturer:

DMX-USB Pro info:

Products don’t become an industry standard for no reason. The DMX USB Pro has proven for a number of years that it’s both a reliable and robust product usable for a number of applications. It has been adopted by multiple professionals across the world. The DMX USB Pro allows for simple USB 2.0 support through a robust USB-B connection, sending or receiving a physical DMX512 signal using PCs, Macs and Linux devices running a broad array of third-party software.
With industry standard-5 pin input and output connections as well as 1500V full isolation for both data and power lines, you can rest assured that your computer will be protected from any stray voltages and faults that may occur on the DMX line. Furthermore, this DMX USB interface features an internal frame buffer for consistent DMX generation when outputting. This means it isn’t dependent on your PC’s processor to regulate a steady, reliable flow of data and to provide a stable data stream regardless of your PC’s workload.

In the Box:

  • (1) ENTTEC DMX-USB Pro
  • (1) USB Cable
  • (1) 5 to 3 Pin Adapter (Provided By Learn Stage Lighting Gear)


Tech Specs

DMX 3-Pin Connectors?: No

DMX 5-Pin Connectors?: Yes