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Froggy's Backwood Bay Fog Fluid

Froggy's Backwood Bay Fog Fluid


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Ladies and Gentlemen, turn your automatic timers down for this extreme hang time fog fluid! Backwood Bay® offers extremely long hang time which can result in less fluid consumed and less wear and tear on your equipment. Lighting Designers Select this fluid for its high efficiency.

Backwood Bay is an extremely long lasting fog juice and the most popular formula in the Froggys Fog Designer Select Series. Hang times 2-3x longer than our Techno Fog, this solution produces a perfect fog while remaining clean, dry, and odorless.

Backwood Bay is not only easy on your lights and equipment but is also more economical to use thanks to its incredible long "hang time" characteristics. In environments unaffected by extraction and air-conditioning, Backwood Bay Fog Fluid can be expected to last over an hour. In fact it is essential that all auto-timer programmed foggers be adjusted to lower output, shorter duration and longer delays in repeat firing, to avoid atmospheric saturation.


  • High Density
  • Very Long hangtime (1+ hours)
  • Good for outdoor applications
  • Water Based


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