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LED Wall Ground Support - Ground Stack Grid System (1M Wide x 3M Tall)

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Vendor: GAMMA LED Vision

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Caret Down

These are a great LED wall ground-support system that is universal for pretty much any LED wall panel out there.  Being universal, it can be a little slower to setup compared to a purpose-built system that only works with one brand's LED panels.

The positive is that you CAN then use it with any brand or size of panel, and if you have multiple types or brands of panels in inventory, you can own (1) ground support system and switch which system you use it with.

This package is a 1m wide by up to 3m tall.

From the Manufacturer:

LED Wall Ground Support. Stacking a LED screen at the ground is now a simple task with SPLFT. SPLFT is a modulable system that combines a steel base with a 29 cm ladder truss and a multiconnection plate capable to get connected to any LED screen. Equipped with two adjustable feet at the front and one at the back of the base in order to perfectly balance the LED screen in combination with a bubble level fitted on it. It’s also very flexible as it can be settled for different LED screen configurations with different heights and widths.

The arm that connects the ladder truss with the LED screen includes a side clamp which is joint to the multiconnection plate by an exclusive extensible aluminum tube of 40 mm side.

If you haven't purchased an LED wall before, please request a quote to ensure you build a complete system.

In the Box:

  • (1) Base
  • (1) Connection plate for  base
  • (3) 1M Ladder Truss
  • (3) Mounting Arms
  • (1) Cross Bar 

Tech Specs

LED Wall Ground Support - Ground Stack Grid System (1M Wide x 3M Tall)
LED Wall Ground Support - Ground Stack Grid System (1M Wide x 3M Tall)


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