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19” Rack Chassis for LS Core/Nodes - 1HU

19” Rack Chassis for LS Core/Nodes - 1HU


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The LS-Core and LS-Nodes all follow a 1/4 rack form factor - use this rack accessory to securely mount them into any 19" rack.

From the Manufacturer:

1HU 19” rack chassis designed to fit up to 4 LS-Core or LS-Node devices. With this accessory it is easy to make systems like a 16 universe node in 1HU (4x LS-Node4 ) or a system of LS-Core with 8 direct DMX ports (1x LS-Core +1x LS-Node2 + 1x LS-Node4).

In the Box:

  • (1) LS-AR 19 - 19" Rack Chassis for LS Core/Nodes


Tech Specs


Length: 5.8 in

Width: 19 in

Height: 1.75 in

Weight: 4.6 lb

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