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Ovation E-910FCIP

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Vendor: Chauvet Professional

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Caret Down

The Ovation E-910FC IP is a high-performance, complete RGBA-Lime color-mixing marvel designed to generate a flat, even field of light suitable with gobo projection. The basic shutter assembly and lenses of Chauvet Professional add familiarity and ease of use to this IP65 ERS style fixture, which has Color Temperature presets ranging from 2800 to 6500 K and perfectly matches the output of a tungsten source.

Full bit dimming (per color and master), configurable PWM, RDM, and inbuilt dimming curves are among the control choices. Chauvet's virtual color wheel, which matches popular color gels, is also available.

From the Manufacturer:

Ovation E-910FC IP takes the high-performance, full RGBA-Lime color-mixing marvel of the Ovation E-910FC outdoors. Our standard shutter assembly and lenses lend familiarity and ease of use to this IP65 ERS style fixture that offers Color Temperature presets of 2800 to 6500 K that match the output of a tungsten source to perfection. Control options include full bit dimming (per color and master), selectable PWM, RDM and onboard dimming curves selection. Also accessible is our virtual color wheel which matches popular color gels.

At a glance
  • Full Color LED (RGBAL) ERS-style lighting fixture for theatre, film and production

  • Fully IP65 rated for seasonal use indoors or out

  • Use of our standard Ovation beam shaping shutters and lenses lends familiarity and ease of use to the fixture

  • Virtual Color wheel with color matched to popular gel colors

  • Color Temperature Presets from 2800 K to 6500 K with high CRI and CQS

  • Ultra smooth 16-bit dimming, and 8-bit dimming curves to complement any lighting scheme

  • Flat, even field of light for superior gobo projection

  • RDM (Remote Device Management) for added flexibility

  • Adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera

In the Box:
  • (1) Ovation E-910FC IP
  • (1) Seetronic PowerCon IP65


  • Light Source:  91 LEDs (18 red, 18 green, 19 blue, 18 amber, 18 lime green) 3 W, (722 mA)
  • Color Temperature:  2800 to 6500 K
  • CRI: 86
  • Beam Angle: 7° - 41°
  • Dimming:  Electronic
  • Strobe: 0 to 28 Hz
  • Color:  full RGBA-Lime
  • Control Protocol:  DMX, RDM
  • Operating Modes:  9 personalities (1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16 or HSV)
  • IP Grade:  IP65, outdoor/wet, with pressure equalizing M12 GORE valve

Tech Specs


Light Source Type: LEDs

Light Source Wattage: 3 W, (722 mA)w

Minimum Beam Angle: 7.0°

Maximum Beam Angle: 41.0°


DMX Channel Modes: 9 personalities (1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16 or HSV)

DMX 5-Pin Connectors?: Yes


Length: 26 in

Width: 11.33 in

Height: 10.4 in

Weight: 23.2 oz


Voltage Range: 100 to 240 VAC

Power Cable Connector - Fixture Side: Seetronic Powerkon IP65

Main Power Connector on Included Cable: Edison (local) plug to Seetronic Powerkon IP65

Ovation E-910FCIP
Ovation E-910FCIP


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