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Chauvet Professional

Ovation GR-1 IP

Ovation GR-1 IP


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The Chauvet Professional GR-1 IP Gobo Rotator for Ovation E-260 IP LED Light is an IP65 waterproof accessory that is powered and controlled by the fixture and can handle one single or two counter-rotating gobos. It has a speed range of 0.047 - 21 rpm (17 - 7560° per minute) and may be controlled remotely via the DMX of the host fixture. CW or CCW rotation, indexing, and endless rotation at varying speeds are all effects.

From the Manufacturer:

Ovation GR-1 IP is an IP65 rated gobo rotator for the Ovation E-260WW IP & OvationE-910FC IP. Power and control for the unit is delivered from the dedicated port on the fixtures and controlled via the fixture personality.

At a glance
  • IP65 rated gobo rotator for one single or two counter-rotating gobos

  • Fully controllable via the Ovation E-260WW IP control personalities

  • Variable speed, bi-directional 0.047-21 RPM (17°- 7,560° per minute) standard rotation

  • Fully indexable positioning via DMX

  • Dedicated power/control supplied by the Ovation E-260WW IP

  • Stepper motor driven for ultra-quiet and super smooth movement without stalling or stuttering

In the Box:
  • (1) Ovation GR-1 IP
  • (1) Power & Data Control Cable


    • Light Source:
    • Gobos size: B (metal, glass or effect)
    • Effects: CW or CCW Rotation, indexing, infinite rotation at variable speeds
    • Speed Range: 0.047 – 21 RPM (17° - 7,560° per minute)
    • Power Connection: Proprietary 4-pin IP65 input power/data cord (19 in/483 mm)
    • Data Connectors: Proprietary 4-pin IP65 input power/data cord (19 in/483 mm)
    • Control Protocol: DMX
    • IP Grade:  IP65, temporary outdoor/wet use

    Tech Specs


    Length: 10.9 in

    Width: 4.7 in

    Height: 2.2 in

    Weight: 2.4 lb


    Voltage Range: 24 VDC

    Main Power Connector on Included Cable: Proprietary 4-pin IP65 input power/data cord

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