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P3-300 System Controller

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Caret Down

The Martin P3-300 System Controller facilitates easy management of fixtures by supporting Full HD video input and offering mapping, addressing, and configuration capabilities without direct fixture access. It allows seamless integration with lighting desks or video sources and third-party software through MVR file compatibility, streamlining design processes. The system ensures synchronized operation with minimal latency, supporting Full HD video input via DVI and 3G-SDI inputs, delivering up to 2,080,000 pixels across 2,000 fixtures with real-time previews for accurate rendering.

From The Manufacturer:

The Martin P3-300 System Controller supports video input up to Full HD (1920x1080) and allows fixtures to be mapped onto the visual canvas, patched, addressed, and configured without having to directly access the fixtures. Martin fixtures can be easily controlled from a lighting desk, video source or a mix of both. They integrate with third-party software by importing and exporting industry-standard MVR files, eliminating duplicate actions and enabling designs to be easily shared.

Uniquely creative looks can be created for each application, whether using video content, traditional DMX controls, Art-Net / sACN PixelMapping, or a mix of control methods.

The entire system is fully synchronized, ensuring all elements work cohesively without visible latency. They support Full HD video input over DVI and 3G-SDI inputs, outputting up to 2,080,000 pixels to up to 2,000 fixtures. Real-time previews show you how video will be rendered on the fixtures.


  • Full HD video input compatible (DVI & 3G-SDI)
  • DVI input resolution up to 1920 x 1080
  • 2x 3G-SDI input resolution up to 1920 x 1080
  • Component input resolution up to 1920 x 1080
  • Dedicated bi-level and tri-level sync input for genlock
  • 64 universes of Art-Net / sACN input
  • 1 universe of 5-pin XLR DMX input
  • Outputs up to 2,080,000 pixels on 2,000 fixtures
  • 2U rackmount
  • Map a mix of Martin fixtures onto one visual canvas
  • Patch, address, and configure Martin fixtures, without having to directly address and configure each fixture
  • Export mapping and patch to third-party lighting controllers, CAD programs and visualizers via MVR
  • Import mapping and patch from third-party lighting controllers, CAD programs and visualizers via MVR
  • Export mapping mask to third-party media servers
  • Provide real-time feedback and monitoring of Martin fixtures
  • Provide remote monitoring of the P3 System Controller and all connected fixtures without physically being onsite


  • Width: 482.6 mm (19.0 in.)
  • Height: 88.90 mm (3.50 in.) (rackmount 2U)
  • Depth: 508.0 mm (20.0 in.)
  • Weight: 9.0 kg (19.8 lbs.)


  • AC power: 100-240 V AC nominal, 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply unit: Auto-ranging electronic switch mode

Tech Specs

P3-300 System Controller
P3-300 System Controller


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