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Upgrade - Capture Symphony to Current-Year Symphony

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Vendor: Capture Visualisation
This is a digital license, it will be emailed out to you, typically within 1 business day.

When purchasing an upgrade, please email us a screenshot of your current license details from the license tab within Capture.


Caret Down

Capture is our top pick for a lighting visualizer - it checks all the boxes, isn't overly complicated to use, and offers a reasonable pricepoint. 

This is an upgrade for Capture Symphony.  It will upgrade any Symphony edition from the past 5 years to the current edition of Capture Symphony.  See all of the Capture Licenses here!

This is an electronic license that will be emailed. You will receive the current year's edition of Capture.

From the Manufacturer:

Save time with lighting design, documentation and visualization software that is both easy to learn and rewarding to use! Capture Visualization™ is a native MacOS and Windows application that lets you work with the lighting, video, laser, moving scenery and water elements of a show. Capture Visualization™ has been developed to enhance your design experience and help you stay on track while focusing on the work at hand.

Whether you're looking to create a simple 2D sketch or a full-blown 3D plot, Capture has you covered. Try as many fixtures as you need, at different hanging positions and with different colors or gobos. Adapt easily to any set design changes or sudden new restrictions. Do even more with Capture’s impressive 3D model import capabilities and excellent integration with other lighting control and design products.

Bring lighting, media and motion into your visualization. Capture’s rendering engine features outstanding color accuracy and amazing performance, which will impress you right away! With a complete library of lighting fixtures, trussing, LED panels and video projectors you have everything you need to make your ideas come to life. When your design is complete you can render it to high quality image and video files. You can also export Capture's unique, stand-alone, presentations which deliver full interactivity with your design.

For Capture Visualization, the focus has been on the core lighting design functionality of the software. Capture now introduces fixture groups and a new dedicated 'focus plane' tool. They have also improved on fixture data management in general. All this is put to use in the reworked report editor which now makes it possible to create virtually any type of report.

From the GEAR Pro's:

Capture has been our go-to lighting visualizer since 2012, and a favorite for a few reasons.  It offers a very realistic visualization, a familiar workflow to anyone who has worked with CAD drafting, and great pricing.  

What sets Capture apart is that once you purchase initially, the upgrade cost is minimal, and you aren't required to upgrade every year to keep that upgrade pricing. 

For example, if you purchase Capture 2023, you can wait until 2028 and still get the same upgrade price as if you were upgrading from Capture 2027.  This gives you the option to get the new features every year, or if you want to save cost you can skip up to (5) years and still get the upgrade for the same, reduced, upgrade cost that is 10-25% of the initial cost.  

For this reason and many others (like the 2-way connection with ONYX), we are big fans of Capture and it's flexibility to be cost-effective for both professional users, and smaller companies or people that do lighting part time.

  • Universe Count: Unlimited
  • Local Video Feeds: Unlimited
  • Streaming Video Feeds: Unlimited
  • Laser Feeds: Unlimited
  • Water Jet Count: 10

Computer requirements:

  • Mac OS: Mac OS 10.15 with Metal
  • Windows: 10–11 64bit with DirectX 11.1

Tech Specs

Upgrade - Capture Symphony to Current-Year Symphony
Upgrade - Capture Symphony to Current-Year Symphony


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