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Vizra-3X 13-FT X 7-FT 3.9MM LED Video Wall System Package (NovaStar)

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Vendor: DVS LED

LED wall lead time is approximately 3 weeks. Please contact us for more information or to look at quicker shipping options.

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Caret Down

With Vizra, DVS builds on the success of their Optic panels and adds even more features including magnetic-assisted assembly, higher refresh rate, and rotary curve locks.  

This is a turn-key package that includes all cables, processing, hanging bars, and cases required to run this wall.

Simply put, these LED wall panels are the best entry/mid-level panels that are higher quality than anything else at this price point!

From the Manufacturer:

This complete LED Video Wall package delivers clear video and includes everything you need to have a turnkey system that provides outstanding video quality in a variety of environments. A perfect solution for indoor environments including Live Events, Houses of Worship, Installations, Theatres, Venues, and more! This 13-ft wide, 6.6-ft high system comes with (16) Vizra-3X 3.9mm LED video panels that feature high-contrast, blackface LEDs delivering an 8,000:1 contrast ratio high-contrast blackface LEDs for vivid, vibrant imagery driven by advanced image processing and a 7680≥ Hz Hz refresh rate for exceptional optical performance to the eye and on cameras.

Vizra-3X offers a lightweight, robust design with user-friendly hardware features including magnetic alignment assist, integrated climbing handles, front/rear serviceable magnetic modules, and a detachable hot-swappable power/control unit for easy setup and operation at all levels. Its extensive feature set incorporates the latest advancements in image quality and reliability resulting in the best possible ROI.

This system includes a NovaStar KU20 LED video processor/scaler. This processor offers built-in scaling to properly fit your content to the screen from any video source without the need for additional software. The KU20 offers (1) HDMI input port along with (6) RJ45 outputs and onboard screen configuration. Processor upgrades are available with additional inputs.

A Higher Baseline of Optical Performance:

Vizra-3’s 3.9mm pixel pitch features a high-pixel density for viewing distances as close as 24 feet. It incorporates standard high-contrast, blackface LEDs to achieve a remarkable 8,000:1 contrast ratio delivering vibrant imagery with 16-bit processing for increased color accuracy plus a 160º viewing angle.

Standard models feature a minimum 7680≥ Hz refresh rate ensuring fluid, high-speed image movements, and an on-camera appearance that’s free of artifacts. A standard equipped NovaStar A5S Plus receiving card with advanced processing support ensures optimal image quality from any input source and easy software operation.

Optimal Functionality:

Vizra was designed with flexibility and ease of use for any type of event or stage. It offers a lightweight design with fan-less operation and an efficient heat dissipation design for modules and power supply housing to reduce component strain. It incorporates heavy-duty magnets at the top of each panel where users can align and temporarily hold a panel in place until the locks are securely engaged.

Grip handles are strategically placed to allow one hand to position and one hand to engage the locks, for a true single-person setup while reducing strain on arms and shoulders.

Vizra Series embraces a modular component design for quick and simple maintenance. It is front and rear-serviceable with magnetically attached LED modules for easy, user-level field serviceability. Connections between modules and internal components are direct, pin-less connections, free of flat ribbon cables to ensure high stability and low maintenance.

All internal components are integrated into a single detachable, easy-swap housing making user-level serviceability quick and efficient guaranteeing minimal downtime. An innovative recessed module design with integrated edge and flip-out corner protectors protects LED pixels from damage for durability.

From the GEAR Pro's:

Here's why we like the Vizra series from DVS. These video wall panels offer high-quality build without the high quality price. They use high quality LED's which in this panel are 3.9mm apart.

This makes for a good mask ratio so there is less black space between pixels. This helps them to look great on camera and avoid unwanted issues like the moire effect or other artifacts.

The magnetic assisted assembly means that 1 person can lift a panel into place and have it held temporarily by magnets while you align and connect the latches.

The brightness of these panels is 1000 nits - for indoor use, lower is typically better and many panels are much brighter than these. For indoor use, you almost always turn the panels down lower than 100%, which then lowers your color resolution. This makes colors and motion graphics look their best.

Vizra panels also offer a higher refresh rate than any other mid-level panel on the market - 7680≥ Hz instead of the current standard of 3840hz, making for superior on-camera performance.

We also love the corner protectors and swappable power/control units. This is a gig-saving feature as you don't have to remove a whole panel if you have a power supply or receiving card go bad and need to replace it.

In the Box:

  • (16) DVS Vizra-3X 3.9mm Indoor LED Video Panels – 500x1000mm (19×39″)
  • (1) NovaStar KU20 LED Video Processor
  • (8) VZRB-50 Rigging Bars
  • (3) 6-Panel Road Cases
  • (2) PowerCON True1 Master-In
  • (16) TrueCON Jumper Cables
  • (2) EtherCON RJ45 Master-In
  • (16) EtherCON Datalink Cables

Full wall purchases will also include the following spare parts:

  • 3% Spare Modules or 2 minimum
  • 1% Control/Power Module or 1 minimum

Video Review:


  • LED Type: SMD2020 Blackface
  • Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm
  • Pixel Size: 2mm x 2mm
  • Panel Size: 500mm x 1000mm
  • Max Hanging Height (Flown): 12 Panels
  • Main Stacking Height (Ground Stack): 8 Panels


  • Brightness: 1000 nits
  • View Angle: 160°
  • Grayscale; 16 Bit +
  • Contrast Ratio: 8000:1


  • Voltage: 120-240v
  • Max Power: 240w/panel
  • Avg. Power: 120w/panel
  • Certifications: ETL, FCC, CE, ROHS, EMC


  • Control: Novastar A5S Plus
  • Refresh Rate: 7680≥ Hz 

Tech Specs


Warranty: 5 Years

Vizra-3X 13-FT X 7-FT 3.9MM LED Video Wall System Package (NovaStar)
Vizra-3X 13-FT X 7-FT 3.9MM LED Video Wall System Package (NovaStar)


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