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Permanent 2.5mm 16' x 9' LED Wall Package

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Vendor: CreationLED
This product is typically made to order and has longer lead times. Please contact us for more information and to get a quote.


Caret Down

The CreationLED walls are a premium, high-quality LED wall that you can install yourself or get installed by an integrator, either through us or someone local to you.  They feature really high quality and reliability, and are also pretty easy to install.

This wall is a 2.5mm pixel pitch and is great for viewing distances of at least 8.2 feet.  All CreationLED walls are custom built, but we've put this package up on the site to give you an indication of what they cost.

This wall's actual size is 16.80' x 9.45', as LED walls are measured in meters.

From the Manufacturer:

CreationLED is working to lead the LED Video Wall Displays industry in a revolution. Our high quality standards, combined with our outstanding pricing, means that your customers ultimately win. As an American company, CreationLED works to overcome the difficulties you may encounter throughout the entire process from ordering to delivery. We can even provide setup support for your installation. Because each LED Video Wall Display is created for your project, you always end up with a high quality product that is uniform in brightness and color, and not just leftover panels from someone else’s wall. 

At CreationLED, we started our journey with a visit to China (where all LED products originate – even the “made in USA” brands). We spent time meeting with manufacturing partners on every part from driver chipsets, to LEDs, to control processors. The LED Video Wall Displays we ended up creating by the end of our trip, even exceeded our expectations.  

We were able to get smooth grayscales, high color rendering, and incredible contrast that will showcase your content properly – whether in a boardroom, school, church or arena.  We have a universal cabinet that houses each of the various pixel pitches we offer from 1mm up to 4mm. Even better, the modules are swappable in the future to upgrade to a higher pixel pitch later.  

View and download the spec sheet here:

From the GEAR Pro's:

We have been studying LED walls for years and always are trying to find a solution that is easy to make look great on camera, in person, and be reliable for years to come. 

The CreationLED walls answer that in a lot of ways.  The brightness of 600 nits is plenty bright for seeing the wall, but not overly bright that you have to turn it down to 5% and lose all of your color resolution (a common problem on other walls)

The processing is high quality and offers a really great color range and gray level.  The reliability of the pixels and modules is very high, and spare parts are included with every wall.  

The panel size of 640mm x 480mm also lends itself a little better to standard aspect ratios as opposed to a square panel.  Walls of 4 panels wide by 3 panels tall give very close to an exact 16:9 aspect ratio.

Everything is fully front serviceable, and traditional flybars are available if you want to hang it from a truss instead of the direct-wall mount.

Video Review:
Video: How to Build the CreationLED Wall

Tech Specs

Permanent 2.5mm 16' x 9' LED Wall Package
Permanent 2.5mm 16' x 9' LED Wall Package


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