The Learn Stage Lighting GEAR Guide

People are ALWAYS asking us for our top picks - below you will find every top pick, sorted by type of item or accessory. This doesn't mean it's the best fit for everyone, but it's a great place to start!

We update these constantly to ensure you ALWAYS see our top picks here! It's just one way we make YOUR life easier - you don't have to cut through the clutter of so many products, you can find the ones we most highly recommend, here!

Products are listed from smallest/cheapest to largest, left to right.


Wash Lights - Spot Lights - Beam Lights

Consoles - Nodes and Splitters - DMX/Power Cable - Wireless DMX - Clamps and Safety Cables

Atmosphere (Fog, Haze, Snow)

ADJ Encore Pars

The ADJ Encore Pars, in particular the LP12IP and LP18IP are bright, high-color-quality wash lights with interchangeable lens options.

Check it Out!

ADJ Encore Profile Pro

The Encore Profile Pro is a very high color-quality fixture that has that extra bit of punch above the units below!

It doesn't come with a lens, so you'll have to add that on, but it still hits a respectable pricepoint considering it's brightness.

Everyday DMX Cables

Accu-Cable DMX Cables are our go-to DMX cable for most people. They lead the market in cost and have a few quality levels depending on your needs.

The "standard" models are inexpensive and work well for installed venues, hobbyists, bands, DJ's, etc. They will break under professional use, though.

The "Tour Link" models are a pro-grade cable, perfect for anyone doing a lot of events with their cable. They feature a loose heatshrink and the length printed on the connector so that you can apply your own branding and color code to the cable.

PowerCon/True1 Cables

While we have many brands of True1 Cables available, our favorites for price/quality are GAMMA and Accu-Cable.

Both are great options, GAMMA typically hits a lower pricepoint for a very similar product. Accu has more options. Both are really great and will serve you well!