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CTRL Suite

CTRL Suite


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This is a digital license, it will be emailed out to you, typically within 1 business day.

Ctrl Suite is an amazing set of software programs that work together to allow you to create user interfaces to allow non-technical people to interact with all elements of your installation. Ctrl Suite bridges a wide variety of audio, visual, and lighting control, hardware, and software.

Ctrl Suite Pro can receive a variety of protocol or sensor inputs, it supports node-based and JavaScript code scripting options, counters, and more to adjust outputs based on the inputs that enter the system, allowing advanced interactions.   

Ctrl Suite’s purpose is to be the central hub of a project. Think of Ctrl suite as a conductor, which will control all the software on your installation with the big picture in mind. Ctrl Suite has been designed to fit linear shows and real-time/interactive installation project needs.

It powers interactive exhibits, tradeshows booths, fitness studios, virtual production, broadcast studios, restaurants, event centers, and more.  

A wide variety of audio, visual, and lighting equipment is supported as well as direct protocols.

This is an electronic cloud license that will be assigned to your existing ON LX account. – Sign up on the ON LX website, and share the email address you have used with us when purchasing for the cloud license to be added to your ON LX account.

From the Manufacturer:

One platform for building integrated control systems and rich user experiences
From standard protocols to pre-built modules, Ctrl Suite has all the tools for building the ultimate unified control system for any project.

Our target is to make your life easier

  • Connect to a wide range of devices, use visual or code based processes to link them together and trigger actions
  • Create dynamic user interfaces with buttons, sliders, custom graphics and more allowing end users to easily interact with your system across one of many remote Players in the dedicated Ctrl Player applications. (no clunky web interfaces!).
  • Run timeline based actions with multiple triggers from the touch of a button from anywhere in your venue.
  • Manage your system and all Inputs, Modules, Interfaces, Processes and Actions from one single view
  • Integrate between systems with almost endless with support for MIDI, OSC, HTTP, TCP, UDP, Serial, MQTT, KNX & Timecode

Highlights: Core Edition

  • Modules, Monitors, Actions & Interfaces.
  • 2 Entities and 1 Player included (unless more are selected).
  • 12 months of updates.*
  • Add additional Entities & Players and upgrade to Pro at any time.

Highlights: Pro Edition

  • Interfaces, Modules, Monitors, Actions, Inputs and Processes.
  • 2 Entities and 1 Player included.
  • 12 months of updates.*
  • Add additional Entities & Players at any time.

Your license is yours forever

We aim to constantly provide new features as opposed to holding back for a major paid-release version or charging a subscription. Consequently, Ctrl Suite is a one-time purchase with 12 months of complimentary updates.

If you don't want to pay for an additional year of updates after the first year has passed, you don't have to, Ctrl will continue to run on the current version.

*When a new feature gets introduced that you can't do without, you can purchase a further 12 months of updates for your license for 40% of the original license value.

Move your License Between Machines

When setting up your Engine with an internet connection, simply log-in to your ON LX account and select the appropriate license, once licensed, your machine will not be required to be connected to the internet until you wish to transfer the license elsewhere.

Need additional Players or Entities?

If you wish to upgrade your license, get in contact with our team with the number of additional Players and Entities you need.
Once your upgrade is complete, visit the Licenses page on your Ctrl Engine Incidence and reapply the license.

Computer requirements:

Tech Specs

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