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ENTTEC LED Mapper Architectural - 1024U

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Vendor: ENTTEC
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Caret Down

We love ENTTEC ELM because it is the simplest way to work with large amounts of pixel products, yet is also VERY capable and can also do some really complicated things!  ELM is license by the universe of output, and this page is for the 1024 universe version.



From the Manufacturer:

ELM is an intuitive, powerful, and cost-effective 2D and 3D pixel mapping software solution. It gives you the most comprehensive tools and effects available to map LED digital pixel strip or fixture arrays regardless of shape or size. From media façades and bridges to nightclubs and live touring designs.

Simultaneously map live video inputs, pre-rendered video content, or create unique visual effects through the inbuilt generative effects library (including audio input), making ELM perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Run on the Windows platform, you can use the inbuilt scheduler to playback predetermined effects or be controlled in real-time from a number of industry-standard input protocols. ELM’s simple stacking license system allows for control of as few as 2048 eDMX lighting channels all the way up to 1,048,576 for the most demanding of installations. Besides, license upgrades can be made at any time, ensuring the best flexibility and future-proofing for your project’s pixel mapping needs.


    • Scalable and responsive design

      Combine raster-based media with vector-based scalable and repositionable objects to represent your LED strips, so it even handles the curves beautifully and with just a few mouse clicks.

    • Place for your media

      Load video files, still images, camera feeds or live streams into the slots in your library and click on what you want to display. Supports HD video playback, and is SPOUT compatible for live video inputs. Can also act as a Network Device Interface (NDI®) receiver. A professional generative video effects library is included to get you started.

    • Effects and audio reaction

      Over 100 built-in generative effects that you can personalise as you please. Control pixels using these magic presets or add your own media, generative effects and live video from input sources such as SPOUT and NewTek’s NDI® (now supports v4.5). Alternatively, just flip a switch and ELM automatically mixes your media in sync with the music playing on your computer.

    • Design that’s natural

      Build your show in stages that layer on top of one another simply but powerfully. Use organically-shaped objects that you can quickly resize, stretch, deform, or move around on the screen so that your pixel map looks like your pixel strips do in the real world.

    • Control as you prefer

      ELM lets you run a show with live interaction, scheduled playback, or via DMX control from a lighting console.

    • Multi protocol support

      Supports Art-Net, sACN and KiNet protocols as output. Can be remote controlled via DMX, OSC or HTTP. Supports an extensive range of LEDs such as: RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW/RGBWA and White fixtures, including 16-bit protocols such as ENTTEC 9PDOT.

    Tech Specs

    ENTTEC LED Mapper Architectural - 1024U
    ENTTEC LED Mapper Architectural - 1024U


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