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Arkaos Grand VJ 2 Boxed Version

Arkaos Grand VJ 2 Boxed Version


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GrandVJ 2 is state of the art VJ software for live performers and video artists. Controlled by MIDI, it syncs with the DJ’s output via Pioneer ProDJ Link, TrackDJ (ShowKontrol) or timecode.

From the Manufacturer:

You can use ADJ's GrandVJ to perform with visuals just like you would be playing an instrument, either using the computer keyboard, a MIDI controller or a MIDI sequencer. Alternatively, you can also use GrandVJ as an eight channel video mixer, allowing full and precise control over each individual channel.

GrandVJ 2.0 by ArKaos, A/B crossfading mode with independent preview makes it incredibly flexible to perform live, and the Browser Preview feature lets you preview visuals, effects, transitions and sources before sending them to the output, just like a DJ previews his next track in his headphones.

GrandVJ runs on both PC and Mac and accepts all common video and image formats. Its intuitive interface lets you turn your keyboard into a super controller for zipping through the functions. Need more? GrandVJ's learn mode makes it a breeze to set up any MIDI controller and with support for the network based OSC protocol you can even control GrandVJ with an iPhone or an iPad. Hook it up and start the show!


  • More than 50 stunning visual effects.
  • Support for MIDI controllers
  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful video-mixing software with new, improved user interface
  • No-limit performance and production
  • New software registration system supporting machine deauthorization
  • State of the art multi-threaded hardware accelerated graphical engine
  • A unique, easy-to-control, customizable interface
  • Hardware accelerated video engine takes advantage of multi-core CPU
  • Compatibility with Mac and PC and all MIDI controllers

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