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OBSIDIAN Control Systems

Onyx NX K

Onyx NX K


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The NX K is a great, modular add-on to the NX1 console or any ONYX PC system.  It's amazingly priced for the quality level of the controls and allows you to program WAY more efficiently on a NX1 or PC system.

From the Manufacturer:

The NXK is a small USB powered control surface for ONYX. The ideal companion for the NX1 console and ONYX PC systems, it replicates the full keypad and command section of larger consoles. Four encoders complete the programming experience for fast and direct parameter access.

A simple magnetic alignment system allows attachment on either side of the NX1 console or NXP motorized fader wing. The keypad and playback wing are part of the ONYX platform and can be utilized with all other NX devices or ONYX on any PC system.

From the GEAR Pro's:

Okay, these are just cool.  The NX K paired with the NX 1 and/or NX P allow you to build your own modular ONYX console.  You can put it on either side of the playback wing or console, or separate them completely!  It's your choice!

 When used with a PC, the encoders become the main encoder wheels for programming - when used with an NX 1 or another console, they become the side-screen encoders for customized assignment.  Plus, you unlock a Nova+ License for (4) Universes of DMX output with MIDI, OSC, and Timecode.

In the Box:

  • (1) Obsidian NX K
  • (1) ONYX USB cable
  • (1) USB 3.0 recovery drive


  • Portable and compact USB keypad
  • Full ONYX keypad and command section
  • 4 Encoders with push and led feedback
  • ONYX Nova+ License (4 Universes + MIDI/OSC/ Timecode support)
  • USB powered

Tech Specs


Length: 11.75 in

Width: 6.3 in

Height: 2.8 in

Weight: 3 lb


Voltage Range: USB 5V

Power Cable Connector - Fixture Side: USB-B

Main Power Connector on Included Cable: USB-A

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