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The B-Station2 is a really cool solution for simple control via wall buttons for a full universe of DMX, but also for triggering other devices via various networked protocols.  There is a lot that it can do!

From the Manufacturer:

Designed to offer a user-interface to your lighting project, the B-Station2 is a wall-mount panel with 6 push-buttons. The buttons can be configured to send out a multitude of control messages via DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN. The B-Station2 is the ideal device for triggering your lighting scenes stored in a CueCore2 or LPU-2 controller.

The push-buttons are fitted with RGB LED rings. The LEDs can be freely programmed to create an intuitive user experience, for example by indicating which button or lighting scene is active, or representing the real-time color of the fixture.
Messages from protocols such as DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN can be used to control the feedback to the LED rings.

From the GEAR Pro's:

We really like these wall button stations.  The configuration is really intuitive and flexible, and they can do a LOT of different things for different applications, triggering all sorts of show control equipment and even outputting DMX as a node!

The only thing they can't do is directly record DMX from a console - but reach out to us if you need that functionality, as there are other devices we can pair with this to make that happen.

Video Review:

In the Box:

  • (1) B-Station2
  • (1) Info card
  • (1) UTP network cable
  • (1) 3 sheets with adhesive icons (most people call those stickers :) )


  • 6 Push Buttons
  • RGB LED rings
  • Web-interface for programming
  • DMX-512 (ANSI E1.11) opto-isolated
  • RDM (ANSI E1.20)
  • Art-Net output and input
  • sACN output and input
  • UDP output and input
  • OSC output and input
  • TCP Input
  • Compatible with Kiosc
  • Power over Ethernet (class I)
  • 32 fixtures in stand-alone
  • 6 playbacks/zones in stand-alone
  • FX Generator

Tech Specs


Length: 5.28 in

Width: 3.52 in

Height: 1.2 in

Weight: 1 lb

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