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Stryker Beam

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This item is currently backordered. The estimated availability is April. Please contact us for more information.

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Caret Down

The Stryker Beam is a unique beam fixture for smaller venues because it is wider than a typical beam (which is fine for ceilings under around 30'), and it offers a really nice set of options and an LED source for an incredible price!

From the Manufacturer:

Suitable for installation in nightclubs and other entertainment venues, as well as for mobile use by production companies and entertainers, Eliminator Lighting’s Stryker Beam is a potent moving head beam fixture. It focuses the light from a powerful 100W LED light engine through high quality optics to create a razor-sharp output that will punch through background lighting to create piercing mid-air effects.

The Stryker Beam offers fast, precise movement as well as a diverse collection of beam-shaping tools, which provide lighting designers lots of creative potential. A dedicated GOBO wheel features 11 die-cut metal gobos (plus open), which include two beam reducer options alongside a carefully curated selection of patterns designed for generating aerial effects. A motorized focus function allows GOBOs to be kept sharp, while a separate color wheel offers 13 vibrant options (plus white) and an additional 6-color flag allows the creation of multi-colored beam effects, A built-in frost filter allows the fixture to switch from a hard-edge beam to a soft wash of light. Finally, two circular rotating prisms are provided, 8-facet and 16-facet, which can be used to split up the narrow beam into a wider break-apart effect. Both prisms may be layered for an animated effect.

For a fixture of its class, the Stryker Beam is a compact and lightweight moving head, which is easily portable. It features a large full color display screen, providing access to an intuitive menu-driven interface for DMX addressing and customization of the unit’s operating parameters. It features locking power input and output sockets, to allow multiple fixtures to daisy chain from a single outlet, together with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX sockets for easy integration into any existing DMX system. 
From the GEAR Pro's:
The Stryker Beam is an impressive little beam fixture from Eliminator.  Featuring an LED source, it has a nice beam width and offers 2 stackable prisms that look very nice individually or together.

The color choices work well, and the multi-color swatch allows you to make some great effects in the air.  
It's definitely quieter than any lamp-based beam fixture, and has an impressive level of output and a nice flat field of light.  It's not silent by any means, but for a beam it's a great volume.  I would only caution against putting it in spaces where noise is a big concern, like churches or theatres...there are other options we can go with that have lower noise.
The bottom line - I would pick this for a beam fixture in pretty much any small to mid-size venue where you want a dedicated beam on a budget.  It's finally time to retire those lamp-based beams and move into the safer, easier, and longer-lasting LED future!

In the Box:

  • (1) Stryker Beam
  • (1) Locking Power Cable
  • (1) Omega Bracket


    • Light Source: 100W White LED
    • Beam Angle: 6°
    • Dimming: Electronic 0-100%
    • Strobe: 0-20Hz
    • Color Wheel: 13 colors + open 
    • Gobo Wheel: 11 gobos + open
    • Prism: 8 facet + 16 facet rotating circular
    • Effects: 6-Color Flag and Gobo Shake
    • Control Protocol: DMX & RDM
    • Operating Modes: DMX, Auto, Primary/Secondary
    • IP Grade: IP20

    Tech Specs


    Light Source Type: White LED

    Light Source Wattage: 100w

    Minimum Beam Angle: 6.0°

    Maximum Beam Angle: 6.0°


    DMX Channel Modes: 6 / 19

    DMX 3-Pin Connectors?: Yes

    DMX 5-Pin Connectors?: Yes


    Length: 7.88 in

    Width: 11.88 in

    Height: 18.31 in

    Weight: 33 lb


    Voltage Range: 100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz

    Maximum Wattage: 100w

    Power Cable Connector - Fixture Side: PowerCON

    Main Power Connector on Included Cable: Edison


    Warranty: 1 Year

    Stryker Beam
    Stryker Beam


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